Customer Data Analysis

How Customer Service Data Can Help You Drive Business Growth

Having the right data in place can be the difference between an excellent customer service and a suboptimal one. Data is information, and information is power. With the right information, your organization can have the competitive edge that will help your organization flourish. This doesn’t have to be a strenuous task for your team. The data required can be aggregated from your already existing customer service software. Let’s look into the key areas where having…

Social Media Support

6 social media support mistakes to avoid

Social media as a customer service tool is still a relatively new concept. Companies of all sizes and shapes are learning the ropes as they go, which can sometimes result in a negative experience for both the brand and the consumer. That explains why almost any company you can think of has an active support team that operates solely for customers on social networks. From the content you post and the images you upload, to…

Customer Retention Process

How to improve your customer retention process?

It is not uncommon for organizations to focus all their energies on the events that lead to a sale. But, it is the post-sale relationship that helps the company drive its growth and keep the business running. So, the question comes down to, how can you retain more customers? It starts with excellent customer support One of the prime reasons for customers developing loyalty to a particular brand is customer service. A superb customer support…

Social Media Customer Support

How does an organization benefit from social media support integration?

It is not uncommon for people to look at the idea of social media customer support and treat it with a certain amount of skepticism. This skepticism creeps in due to the hype and the inability to distinguish the hype from the genuine value social media customer support can bring. The implementation of social media support is not to reinvent the business, but it’s there to help propel your business forward. Social media support adds…

Customer Interaction

Measure the quality of your customer service interactions

How a business interacts with its customers greatly affects its reputation. For example if you called up the support department of a business you are dealing with, and were greeted by an unenthusiastic, impolite support representative, then besides being upset, you will recommend your family and friends to not associate with such a business. On the contrary, if you call customer support with a complaint, but the agent handles the query with utmost professionalism, then…

customer service Analytics

Advanced reports and analytics in customer service

Customers have never been as empowered and informed as they are in today’s time. Therefore in order to keep your customers happy, you must understand their requirements, needs, wants and anything else they communicate with you. You must provide customer service across multiple channels and strive to exceed customer expectations. In order to identify whether your organization is doing well, or whether it needs improvement, your business needs the right customer support analytics and beyond…

Multi Channel Customer Service

Why is multichannel customer service important?

Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you were given multiple options and had to pick one? We all have faced such situations, and it’s safe to say that we would’ve all liked to be able to pick more than one if it was possible. When it comes to customer support, you as a business have to provide these multiple options, all while not limit your customers’ choices. From an internal perspective, it…

Customer Support Software

Still doing customer support the traditional way? Here’s what you need to do

Ever since the birth of the industrial age, businesses have always worked towards increasing their revenue, establishing a solid reputation, and staying ahead of their competitors. In stark contrast, businesses today are striving to be more customer-centric rather than revenue-focused. Even though we have entered the digital age, there are still many businesses that provide customer support the traditional way, which is simply through phone and email (luckily, hard-copy letters have been phased out for…

Team Performance

Measure the performance of your customer service team

Most top businesses that have highly liked or popular customer support teams set up parameters for measuring the quality and efficiency of their customer service operations. One of the best ways to accelerate your support and provide an exceptional customer experience is to understand what your customers want and need from your company. This doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily ask them flatly. Set up KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your service execution…

Customer Support Management

The Do’s and Don’ts for customer support crisis management

Every now and then, businesses come across customers who just pour their heart and soul onto the social media page of their business to express their frustrations. This is usually an unpredictable or unforeseen event that is a potential risk to the business’ reputation. A crisis can include anything from website outage to negative publicity. This is where the customer support department needs to take control of the situation and do everything they can to…

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