Customer Service Software

Let’s focus on making customer service more personal

Customer service is a concept that’s often talked about as an afterthought, and very few people realize its true importance in building substantial customer relationships. A customer service with a hint of personalization can make all the difference between a service that customers would like to use, and one that people don’t really care about. Understanding the benefit of personalization Personalization is all about going beyond the monotonous and repetitive process that makes your whole…

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is no absolute alternative to other service channels

Social media is an amazing service platform that has the potential to propel your marketing and customer care efforts in the right direction. However, even with all its benefits, it’s not what people are making it out to be. If you, as a business, are planning to pour inappropriately large amounts of effort into social media for providing service to your customers, then you should reconsider. At this point of time, social media in so…

Multi Channel Customer Support

It’s time you streamlined your multiple customer support channels

Customer support is entirely defined by the interactions that people have with them. They can either bring more customers to your organization or they can lead to customers abandoning ship. The thing about customer interaction is that customers are more likely to remember the bad interactions over the good ones, and this is the case no matter what industry you are working in. A great customer care experience is a matter of right for customers,…

customer performance

Metrics that will allow you to measure your customer support’s Performance

Not knowing how your customer team is performing can lead to your customer support system collapsing. Your customer support system depends on the ticketing system that you implement and the performance of your customer executives. So, it is extremely important to measure the performance of your executives’ by establishing standards using the right metrics.   Service rating for individual customers This is one of the most useful metrics on the list. This metric requires you…

Live Chat Support Software

Use live chat support to create a connect

The consumer expectation from customer service and support has reached new levels. They expect you to provide support not only via the medium of phone, but also email and other channels. This has become the rule, rather than the exception for most companies. To differentiate your business, and to improve the overall customer experience, it’s important that you give your customers access to a support that’s available on-demand. But the question that remains is, how…

Email Ticketing System

Use Email to manage your customer interactions at your hotel chain with ease

The hospitality industry is absolutely humungous, and hotel chains continue to play a major role in the overall industry arch. Hotel chains are amazingly complex, akin to big multinational organizations. The hotel chains have their specific categories as service industry organizations and continue to have their unique set of characteristics. A hotel chain receives a slew of emails from many different demographics and this essentially becomes an uncontrollable onslaught of information dump. Add to this…

Customer Support Team

How to manage your support team and make it stellar!

Managing customer service is no slouch. It is a massive challenge that is dynamic in nature, as new challenges arise daily, due to the introduction of new channels, addition of team members, and the associated business goals. The idea of great customer service is to facilitate easy conversation between the organization and its customers. It is just not dependent on the ticketing software but on how well your employees are equipped and motivated to handle…

Multi Channel Support

Use multichannel support to provide exceptional experience for your ecommerce platform

A common pitfall that many online retailers are making is that they are putting their entire budget and efforts into building a great platform for commerce, but have no plan or are not prepared with a strategy to drive customer interactions on multiple channels. It is not uncommon for retailers to put all there focus and energies on one source of traffic like SEO. While focusing on the traffic source is great, as it brings…

email services

Using e-mail to improve your customer service operations

There is no denying that a lot of companies are extensively focusing on multi-channel support and this, more often than not, can lead to underutilization of other prevalent channels, such as email. A lot of businesses are under the false notion that email is a dying medium of communication. The notion is wrong and harboring such ideas can lead to a slew of lost opportunities. There are still many uses of email, and if used…

Multi Channel Support

How multi-channel customer support can improve your e-commerce platform

A customer service of exceptional quality ensures that your customers are satisfied with your business, and also helps in retaining them as a loyal client. In the same vein, it is becoming increasingly clear that customer retention is directly correlated to profitability in the e-retail industry. Essentially, a good customer support system implies happy customers who are more likely to come back to you for more business. When talking about customer service, a well-defined and…

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your customer service
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Leverage customer service platform with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Kapdesk Help Center you can create a knowledge database, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of moments. Kapdesk streamlines your support infrastructure with real time features like ticket views, prompters and necessary automations. This helps you deliver better customer service and relevant, to the point conversations.
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