Customer Service Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics into your knowledge base can make all the difference

A knowledge base is very valuable for any organization, and this fact is irrefutable. Having the most relevant and useful information in your knowledge base is very important if you want your business to prosper. The challenge of getting visitors to your website and making them consider your product is a humongous challenge. And this can be made easy if you have a good knowledge base to start with. There are a multitude of ways…

Email Ticketing System

Make your email magical using a ticketing system!

Every organization aims at delivering a customer service experience that’s exceptional, but this service shouldn’t come at the expense of your executives being tied to their desks. Not only does this end up becoming an extremely inefficient way of delivering customer service, but it is also very boring. Although your executives can rely on mobile applications to deliver good service to the customers, it requires them to carry certain devices that have the app installed…

The “Hello” that never gets old

Your products’ usability and brand value are important factors that influence your clients’ decisions before they make a purchase. What is equally important, if not less, is your reach and the quality of your post-sales support. They are crucial elements, and play a pretty vital role in bringing you more clients. After all, nobody wants to stay with someone who won’t stay with them after the transaction is completed. If your customers have an assurance…

Customer Support Channels

Customer loyalty starts with a smooth support channel!

The customer support channel of your organization is like a funnel, in a metaphorical sense. The different departments within your organization – such as sales, marketing and accounting – work hard to ensure that the customer becomes a part of your business. But, it is the journey through the post-sales funnel that decides if they will stick with your company. The smoother their journey, the longer they will want to stick with you for business….

Support Ticketing System

Your knowledge base can have a direct impact on your customers’ experience

What if your customers face an issue with your product or service, but don’t want to engage with you quite yet? What if they prefer looking up the problem and understanding why the issue happened in the first place, all by themselves? In this situation, it becomes your responsibility to help your customers help themselves without getting in touch with you and raising a support ticket in your system. This not only helps in delivering…

Customer Support Software

It’s time for you to align your support, sales, and marketing teams

To provide a customer service that’s both good for your clients and can help you accomplish your business goals, you will need to put in some efforts from your side. Good work doesn’t happen by accident; it requires the appropriate framework to be in place. Also, to create a customer experience that’s exceptional and consistent, you need to have a plan in place.   Let’s go through some points that will allow you to align the different teams of…

Help Desk Software

What you should know before integrating social media in your helpdesk

A business’ social media support presence can have an impact on both its reputation as well as its bottom line. This emphasizes the need to be proactive with incoming customers and create a program on a social media platform that will provide consistent benefit to them. It is common knowledge that social platforms are very powerful and effective when it comes to marketing and advertising. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are emerging…

Team Inbox

Team Inbox is all you need to make email new again

If you are a business that is trying to push its products and services through different mediums, then you already know the importance of communicating with your customers by using email and newsletters. So, when you go out looking for even better tools in the market, ensure that the customer support tools that you end up implementing not only gets the email part right, but also ends up giving you a variety of other choices….

customer happiness

Every business must have customer happiness as their end-goal

Strengthening customer loyalty is something that every business needs to start paying attention to. In fact, and on the contrary, many businesses end up not putting the required efforts for their customers’ happiness. This usually ends up in having serious repercussions for the business, such as loss of customers and a bad brand name. Unfortunately, this is the case in each and every industry. A business will go out of their way to gain new…

Customer Support Platform

With great service practices, comes a great customer support platform

From a broader perspective, the main objective of using a helpdesk software for your customer service is to help your agents help your customers. This means streamlining your workflow and supporting your agents with the repetitive and monotonous tasks, so that they can instead focus on resolving the incoming tickets. Apart from that, setting down guidelines for best practices can motivate your agents to connect with the customers and work on their problems more effectively….

Kapdesk can add value to your business. Let us tell you how.
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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your customer service
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Leverage customer service platform with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Kapdesk Help Center you can create a knowledge database, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of moments. Kapdesk streamlines your support infrastructure with real time features like ticket views, prompters and necessary automations. This helps you deliver better customer service and relevant, to the point conversations.
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