Mobile Ticketing System

Five game-changing benefits of using a mobile ticketing application

Mobile devices were invented for exactly one purpose in mind – connecting people all across the world with people all across the world. Although the mechanisms have continuously evolved and become smarter over the last couple of decades, its core function has maintained its position in the market. Even though the growth of smartphones might be plateauing, it’s safe to assume that it’s highly prevalent all across the world, with each individual owning atleast one…

Multi Channel Customer Support

Businesses really need to start adopting multi-channel support

We’re in the age of 24/7 support. Gone are the days when businesses dictated how a customer would be able to get in touch with them for any queries or issues they might have with the company’s product line. If a company was only accessible through phone or direct mail, then the customers’ hands were tied whenever a situation made itself visible. One of the most infamous side-effects of restricting your customers to these avenues…

Kapdesk Is Officially The Rising Star Of Customer Support Software According To FinancesOnline

You may have heard multiple times how intuitive and straightforward our helpdesk is, but what pleases us the most is that you had a chance to confirm that in person. It is you, among other loyal users that let us know we’re marching in the right direction. Recently Kapdesk was thoroughly tested by a FinancesOnline, popular software reviews and SaaS marketing platform, who examined in depth all our key functionalities. Our can find the details…

Help desk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System Connects Customers to Exceptional Support: An Introspection

The advantages that a master Customer Support System plays in business can never be over-emphasized. With the exception of the improvements that it brings in client satisfaction, loyalty and retention, it’s also an excellent tool to maintain your position above the competition. According to a good section of service professionals – which also makes a ton of sense when you see the modern business context – if you cannot outspend your competitors, you NEED to…

Good Customer Service

Should you be investing in a good customer service suite?

Ever wondered why Customer Service Software exist when you already have access to the most competent support representatives and agents? Well, it all comes down to one important drawback – all humans have limitations. And this is exactly where technology can be used to complement a good agent. With such a powerful team composition, not only can you ensure that your agents are working at maximum productivity, but doing so in the most efficient manner….

Customer Satisfaction Level

Five important metrics that can help you measure your customers’ satisfaction

Before we begin talking about how you can understand your customers’ perceptions about your business, let’s see why we’re even talking about customer satisfaction – and the ways to measure it – in the first place. With booms in digital technology and globalized networks, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to say that customers are the new owners of every business. Well, not exactly, but they do have a much larger stake in the success of…

Customer Support System

Query Resolution: Accelerate your customers’ queries with quicker solutions

You’ve set up your business, produced enough products to service millions of customers, and hired people to manage its distribution. You’re happy with what you’ve created. But what about your customers? Are they also satisfied with your product? Are they coming to you with any problems they face? And how long are you taking to reply to them? No product is perfect, and as such, bugs and minor issues always tend to creep up during…

Customer Service Team

How can you keep your service team constantly engaged and motivated?

Happy and motivated employees = Happy customers = A booming business Running a successful business sounds simple and straightforward. However, it’s obviously easier said than done. Especially when you consider the fact that you need to maintain the needs and requirements of hundreds and thousands of people within your company, all while ensuring that your internal operations are functioning smoothly to keep your customers happy. By clear logic, it can be quickly determined that delivering…

Customer Service Glossary

Important Terms in Customer Service Glossary – Kapdesk

If you’re new to customer service, chances are that you haven’t had enough time to acquaint yourself with all the jargon that is used by your peers. Well, we’ve made a comprehensive guide on the most commonly used terms, and what they mean to a customer support representative and a business. Administrator – The administrator is responsible for overseeing the entire customer support operations as well as the help desk software, right from when the…

Customer Support Platform

Productivity in Customer Service: Gamify your Customer Support Platform to win sure points

Customer service is not really a glamorous field. Most, if not all, support tasks are routine, the customers eternally angry and generated ticket queries becomes monotonous. Hence, it might not come as a surprise that attrition rates are extremely high in customer service domains. This is simply because service representatives are not usually motivated to constantly repeat scripted responses or even be too concerned about all the incoming customers with their wide range of problems….

Kapdesk can add value to your business. Let us tell you how.
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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your customer service
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Leverage customer service platform with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Kapdesk Help Center you can create a knowledge database, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of moments. Kapdesk streamlines your support infrastructure with real time features like ticket views, prompters and necessary automations. This helps you deliver better customer service and relevant, to the point conversations.
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