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Better customer support teams work with a smart ticket inbox

For any business to thrive and grow, it is important that they take team collaboration problems seriously. It can make a world of difference to the business.

For the most part, this can be accomplished with the help of a competent helpdesk product. An intelligent ticketing system will adapt to your teams’ needs and will help them collaborate better. One such feature of a ticketing system is the team inbox.

Achieving more with collaboration
It’s abundantly clear that collaboration between different teams needs to be fostered in order to improve the overall teamwork, along with productivity and transparency.

Improve your teams’ morale
A team inbox feature unifies all inbound conversations, which means that it puts all your different conversations from various channels under one single inbox.

Due to this, incoming emails, along with the conversations occurring on social media, can automatically get converted into tickets. This can be then easily assigned to the relevant department and save a lot of unproductive time.

Cater to customers faster
Your customer care executives have to respond to countless messages coming from different customers on a day-to-day basis. With the advent of a plethora of digital channels, the task at hand only goes on to become extremely difficult to manage.

This is exactly where a system team inbox comes into play. Your inbox allows you to integrate your customer conversations and form distinguishable threads for each of them, and ensure that all queries can be easily converted into a ticket.

Tag your tickets for quick recall
It doesn’t end with turning your query into a ticket. Once you have the ticket, you can label them with the relevant hashtags, which aims to ensure that your executives can easily search for them later without any issues.

This also enables your executives to look up a customer’s conversation history and respond to their current query in a more effective and swift manner, and ultimately turn more leads into customers.

Assign customer query appropriately
Businesses that lack an efficient ticketing system end up dealing with a high volume of messages that can get too overwhelming too fast.

But, that’s what team inbox is there for – to ensure that you never have to deal with this kind of situation. It enables you to assign the messages to the team (or member) that possesses the capability to provide the right solutions to the customers’ problems. The goal being, to provide a much more knowledgeable and contextual response in a timely manner.

Use automation to maximize benefit
Growth in business runs parallel to the rapid rush in the volume of customer queries coming your way. An intelligent ticketing system packaged into a team inbox will immediately enhance and streamline the workflow of your team, helping you cut down on the non-value adding time and focus on delivering more useful responses to the end-user.

With the help of hashtags and relevant business keywords, you can also automatically assign incoming customer queries to the concerned departments, and save time on manually searching, processing and finally assigning it manually.

Reporting helps you work better
Helpdesk software often comes bundled with an analytics dashboard, which can provide you with statistics on your tickets as well as the productivity of each of your executives.

Using this data, you can infuse accountability in your process. Implying, everyone in your team takes responsibility for incoming conversations and utilizes the services provided by the team inbox in an appropriate manner.

Gain valuable data using history
Each and every conversation that your executives have had with your clients can be accessed from the history feature of a team inbox. This not only allows you to track conversation threads but is also capable of providing you with insights regarding your clients’ behavior and helps you predict emerging trends. Empower your executives to deliver a response that’s personalized and caters to the needs of all your clients.

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