Customer Service

Personalized customer service follows complete agent autonomy

Good businesses understand the importance of keeping their customers happy at all times. Great businesses realize that although that’s true, it’s not practical to keep each and every customer happy at the same time. This is largely owed to the fact that customers’ needs are varying and dynamic, which means that trying to provide customer service that is based on a one-size-fits-all approach is pretty much the worst blunder to make for a business. Whenever…

Free Customer Service Software

Artificial intelligence is the next step towards an error – free customer service

Only a few years ago, artificial intelligence, or simply AI, seemed like a buzzword that researchers and venture capitalists threw around when talking about the future of the digital world. AI was created to transform the entire world with more efficient machines, more high-quality products, productive businesses, and better standards of living for everyone. And all of this by simulating human-like intelligence in our otherwise simple machines, and use them for tasks that are beyond…

Customer Service Software

Is it too much to ask for selfless customer service?

It’s easy for businesses to focus their efforts on simple financial gains when performing customer service. But doing so usually trades off customer satisfaction – sometimes even completely neglects it – in exchange for monetary profits. This kind of selfish approach might churn out great profits for the business in the short-term, but if you do not focus on helping your real stakeholders (being your end-consumers or customers), your company is highly likely to take…

Customer Service Software

Improve your customer service performance with a clear support strategy

Businesses are always on the lookout for methods to multiply their user-base without sacrificing on their customer service performance. Good service is not simply based on being polite or speaking well with your customers, but rather on how well you can understand and resolve customers’ issues when they come and contact you about it. This is exactly why businesses are rushing to turn their product-oriented business into a more customer-focused one, which is becoming exceedingly…

Customer Service Agent

Being A Good Customer Service Agent Is More Than Simply Resolving Faster

It’s a simple fact, that a customer service agent is extremely important for every business’ support activities. The better an agent is, the more chances that their interactions with any customer go down smoothly and without any glitches. But what is a ‘good’ service agent, anyway? Being an exceptional agent involves having certain objective as well as subjective attributes within you. When you have these qualities, speaking to a customer, understanding the problem that they…

Customer Service Software

Stuck waiting in long lines? Automation is the perfect tool for a speedier customer service

Are you reeling from the recent and groundbreaking announcement of demonetizing old Indian currency notes in the war against black money? It’s a bold move by the government, and one that promises long-term benefits by trading off on short-term inconvenience. Although this has spawned polarizing opinions in the public eye, all the reasonable complaints made during this transition have one theme in common – the apparent mismanagement in reducing problems for the people. At the…

Customer Service Software

Liberate your agents from excessive typing with a customer service suite

To truly disallow your agents from wasting most of their support time typing out large chunks of information about your business, you can incorporate hands-free typing in your system. That, or simply save your agent from the entire ordeal! Since the former is probably a few good years away from being truly practical in a business environment, let’s talk about how you can eliminate, or atleast minimize, an agent’s involvement in customer handling using a…

Good Customer Service

Should you be investing in a good customer service suite?

Ever wondered why Customer Service Software exist when you already have access to the most competent support representatives and agents? Well, it all comes down to one important drawback – all humans have limitations. And this is exactly where technology can be used to complement a good agent. With such a powerful team composition, not only can you ensure that your agents are working at maximum productivity, but doing so in the most efficient manner….

Customer Service Glossary

Important Terms in Customer Service Glossary – Kapdesk

If you’re new to customer service, chances are that you haven’t had enough time to acquaint yourself with all the jargon that is used by your peers. Well, we’ve made a comprehensive guide on the most commonly used terms, and what they mean to a customer support representative and a business. Administrator – The administrator is responsible for overseeing the entire customer support operations as well as the help desk software, right from when the…

Customer Support Solutions

Improved Referrals: Unexpected virtues of vigilant customer service

Let’s say that you have followed through with a customer for everything that was expected from you. Whether it’s capturing a lead, nurturing them to completion, and finally delivering the product or service on time, you’ve tried all techniques to ensure that your customer leaves the store – irrespective of being offline or in the digital space – satisfied. But yet, even though the service might have been excellent, the customer is not too keen…

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your customer service
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Leverage customer service platform with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Kapdesk Help Center you can create a knowledge database, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of moments. Kapdesk streamlines your support infrastructure with real time features like ticket views, prompters and necessary automations. This helps you deliver better customer service and relevant, to the point conversations.
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