Phone Support

Don’t let inadequacies of phone support affect your customer service

Although phone support was traditionally created during the late 19th century, it only really propagated into common culture in the 60s, when call centers were starting to pop up to serve thousands of customers locally. Ever since, it has been the go-to method for a customer to speak to a customer service representative and get any issues resolved. It was a big jump from the slow-moving direct mail that was commonplace before this time. Ever…

Live Chat Service

Live chat can considerably shorten your customer’s journey in the service cycle

To understand exactly how a live chat is important for your business, you need to see how a customer would behave when they’re trying to get service/resolution for their issue. They go to the product’s retail or detail page. They look for warranty details and any exclusions, but they don’t find an answer. They look through the FAQs and comments from other customers to check if anyone else is suffering from a similar or identical…

Multi Channel Support

Do you know some of the important measures of multi-channel support?

Customer support has evolved from direct mail to phone – the more conventional channels – to email and live chat and, albeit more recently, even social media. However, all these forms of service had to work out effectively for both the company and the customer. And so we recognized the importance of learning how to recognize the drawbacks that hold back good customer support. The concept of support metrics are fortunately not new, but digital…

Multi Channel Customer Support

Why your business really needs multi-channel customer support

What channel do your angry and confused customers use in order to contact you about exploding phones? Oh, wrong business? Well, can you identify the most active channels through which your customers are seeking guidance about an issue with a product or simply trying to learn more about it? If you’ve ever faced such a situation, you already know about the vast differences in each and every one of your unique customers. And if you…

Multi Channel Customer Support

Businesses really need to start adopting multi-channel support

We’re in the age of 24/7 support. Gone are the days when businesses dictated how a customer would be able to get in touch with them for any queries or issues they might have with the company’s product line. If a company was only accessible through phone or direct mail, then the customers’ hands were tied whenever a situation made itself visible. One of the most infamous side-effects of restricting your customers to these avenues…

Live Chat Support

Deliver an experience in live chat that’s memorable for the customers

There is no way that you would’ve missed it. It’s quite evident that more and more organizations are making use of the live chat feature to better serve their customers. Every time you visit a website, there is a really good chance that you might find yourself enchanted by an inviting little widget, mostly in the corner of the website screens. There is absolutely no debate on whether live chats are a feature worth investing…

Live Chat Software

Live chat is the key to a better connect with your always-on-line customers

Running an online business comes with its own sets of complications. For starters, a lot many companies are venturing into the business, and this has made this place much more crowded than it initially was during the dawn of online businesses. But, the onslaught of companies rushing into the business space hasn’t led to any deterioration of quality. On the contrary, the standards are higher than ever. Your customers are expecting from you to deliver…

Mobile Support System

Mobile support and customer service goes hand-in-hand

With the emergence of mobile as the primary mode of communication, there has been a revolution in Call Center Management. Most young adults now own at least one mobile phone, and most of us take it as a granted aspect of our lives. What we can safely gauge is that mobile will continue to grow for a foreseeable time. And this will directly lead to mobile being the key channel for communicating with the customers,…

Phone Support

Building relationships through proper phone customer support is vital for your business

When you make it your mission to elevate your customers’ experience through your products and services, that’s when you ensure that your business is doing every possible thing to make your customer as comfortable as possible. Not only do satisfied customers tend to stay more loyal to your cause, but they also become one of the primary sources of bringing in more customers. However, no perfect is business, and there is always room for improvement….

Mobile Support System

Mobile support may be a fresher yet, but it can definitely carry its weight

With more companies adopting a customer-centric focus, customer expectations for a service has increased dramatically. Due to this, customer support quality is becoming the differentiating factor between a business’s success and failure. It is therefore now mandatory for organizations to optimize their phone support quality which will not only help them improve the overall customer satisfaction but will also ensure long-term survival. This article will be exploring some of the options that will help you and your business work…

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