Social Media Support

Social customer care in today’s times is more important than you think

Transitioning into the “age of the customer” has forced businesses – both established as well as new comers – to distinguish themselves from their competitors and come out at the top. Not all of these distinctions can be made in terms of pricing or another parameter related to monetary gains. Instead, they need to venture into more intangible concepts, such as building a trustworthy brand image, an approachable personality, and always being there for the…

Social Media Customer Service

Become A Master At Customer Service On Social Media Platforms

Around the time when Facebook and Twitter were initially launched, their active user-base used these platforms for pretty much what they were meant to do – keeping in touch with old contacts and engaging in conversations with new ones! However, these agencies grew and changed, and businesses started to realize their potential for targeting customers better. With social media, opportunities for connecting with the customer and listening to them speak about a brand became more…

Twitter Customer Service

Consider using Twitter for better managing your servicing issues

It’s not news that companies are always on the lookout for ways, using which they can provide better support to their customers. Twitter is one such medium using which you can make a difference, but you might ask how? Well, that’s what we are here to explain. Let’s move to the how and the what. It enables you to respond to incoming requests in real-time There is no substitute to immediate resolution, because it is…

Social Media Platforms

Social listening is a thing – disgruntled customers use social media as a weapon, and so can you

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others are constantly evolving and taking the place of emergent platforms. They are for a myriad of reasons the social media platforms are the most dominant for the purposes of marketing and advertising. But, just having a social media presence is not everything. You as a business should go above and beyond what your customers expect from you. In this article we will go through some of the…

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is a double-edged sword for your customer support

In a matter of few years, social media has managed to alter the fate of the Internet in many different ways. Nearly every facet of society has felt the impact of social media through a wide range of opportunities, as well as scope for risks and threats. Businesses use social media as a medium for providing excellent customer service. However, relying on social media for customer service has both pros as well as cons. Understanding…

Customer Service Executive

Build better Twitter and Facebook interactions for a better business

One of the best ways to use social media and customer service is to listen to your customers. Treat each piece of information as a gift, because that’s exactly what it is. You’re getting valuable insight straight from the people who matter the most – your customers. Avoid Mistakes You can avoid crises by monitoring your social media and customer service issues as they emerge. Handling these issues as they arise, in real-time, can prevent…

Customer Twitter Analytics

Looking deeper into your Twitter interactions can help you turn your shortcomings around

Providing support on social media can be both fun and a headache. Social media opens the door for your customer support system to interact with a large number of customers at any given time. But, amongst the many social media platforms that are available today, Twitter comes across as the most intriguing and interesting one. Twitter facilitates instant interactions and these interactions can come from a wide variety of different users at any given time….

Help Desk Software

What you should know before integrating social media in your helpdesk

A business’ social media support presence can have an impact on both its reputation as well as its bottom line. This emphasizes the need to be proactive with incoming customers and create a program on a social media platform that will provide consistent benefit to them. It is common knowledge that social platforms are very powerful and effective when it comes to marketing and advertising. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are emerging…

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is no absolute alternative to other service channels

Social media is an amazing service platform that has the potential to propel your marketing and customer care efforts in the right direction. However, even with all its benefits, it’s not what people are making it out to be. If you, as a business, are planning to pour inappropriately large amounts of effort into social media for providing service to your customers, then you should reconsider. At this point of time, social media in so…

Social Media Customer Service

The power of social media customer service

Even though the way people do business has changed over the years, consumer behavior has remained the same. They still want the best products or services at the best possible rate, they want an easy way to buy those products, and in troubled times, they want someone who listens and quickly solve their problems. This is where social media has revolutionized the way businesses provide customer service. Many businesses are taking their service queries to…

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