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Customer experience – the important distinction between reactive and proactive customer support

When people come to a business, whether it’s to enquire about a product, request support on an issue they’re having or to simply learn more about a product or service works, how the entire interaction proceeds can be referred to as the customer’s experience with the business.

It’s important to define this metric because customer experience is not the same as customer support. In fact, support is only one, albeit one of the principal elements of customer experience.

It’s actually pretty easy to verify this.

For instance, if you give bad customer support, their overall experience with your business will largely be negative, even if your product is otherwise working as it was intended to.

Customer service works hand-in-hand with your other business operations to ensure that your customers are not just coming to you because they have no better choice, but because they want to.

Being on-time is being late
Essentially, if your activities are based on an objective that is simply trying to meet customer expectations, you might be able to satisfy your customers, but they have no incentive to stick to you if a better product arrives in the market and can better cater to their expectations.

This is why businesses need to move above and beyond what is expected from them, and start looking at ways to delight the very same people that practically ensure that the business is, well, still in business.

Being early is being on-time
If you’re simply reacting to an incoming stimulus, you can only do so much with the customer’s information. It can help you qualm any doubts arising in the customer’s minds, but without actually delving into the source of the problem, it’s not really useful to anyone in the business relationship.

Giving your customers a truly exceptional customer experience requires you to put that extra effort, but also promises great benefits in exchange.

Don’t just tackle the problem – ask about how the issue exactly occurred and under what circumstances. Maybe it could have been completely avoided.

If a customer walks in to your store looking for an answer, you can process their request and give them an appropriate answer – this is reactive. On the other side, delighting your customers with just the right amount of light, livening up the surroundings with plants or paintings, getting the customer connected to an agent easily, and eventually the speed of resolution – all of these factors, no matter how small they seem, provide the kind of customer experience that your customers aren’t expecting, but you’re nevertheless giving it to them pro-actively.

And every customer appreciates being delighted.

Great customer experience builds on the foundation of great service
Simply put, customer service defines how a business deals with a customer before, during and after they purchase a product or service. It defines how the customer views the business in a broader scope, and how competent they are when faced with a challenge.

Customer experience is based exactly on this sentiment, but it also takes into consideration the other, smaller details that most businesses tend to overlook and forget.

Whether it’s the channel through which they interact, or the way in which an agent spoke, or even how the product was packaged and delivered – everything holds a piece of the entire puzzle that is customer experience.

If you fail to give even a small piece, the entire final product will seem unfinished and untrue to the customer, and that reflects badly on the business.

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