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A helpdesk can move your business to the big leagues

It’s a common notion amongst small business owners that customer relationship management is for big companies. What they fail to realize is that implementing effective helpdesk software will give their business the necessary means to stay ahead in the game. Traditionally, small businesses operated locally and did business with customers within their locality. This did ensure a steady source of revenue; however, the promise of organizational growth was somewhat slim. With the advent of the digital age, even small businesses have acquired the means to put their products or services out there. So how would a small business benefit from helpdesk software?

Well, for starters, 50% of small businesses fail within the first 12 months, because they are unable to keep up with the ever-changing market situation – this is where helpdesk can be instrumental.

Most helpdesk platforms make it extremely easy to follow up with your existing customers, as they collect and maintain all their information in a central data repository. You can create individual customer profiles with all pertinent information, such as buying habits, payment preferences and history, product interests, etc.

This enables your sales or customer support team to deliver quality service to your customers, since they will have access to the relevant information at a moment’s notice. Now, there are many benefits that a helpdesk software can offer, so let’s look at some of them more closely.

  • A streamlined and well-structured workflow

Automation is one of the unique attributes that a helpdesk brings to the table. Most of the run-of-the-mill tasks that your teams carry out take a significant amount of time – time which they could be using for more productive work like dealing with existing customer queries or complaints.

This software can automate repetitive tasks like replying to a large number of customers with the same “Hello” and “Welcome!” messages. Your sales personnel can now focus on more profitable work, such as devoting their time to engage with potential leads and convert them into customers.

  • A seamless information sharing process

The traditional method of having to go through multiple communication channels to either share or acquire information became obsolete after helpdesk platforms became a market trend. A good helpdesk software offers a cloud-based storage system, which can centrally store all your important customer data.

The software’s customer profiling tools allow you to create individual customer accounts that store key information. Helpdesk platforms can grant real-time access to all this important data, even if you are on the move. Your on-field sales personnel can access the necessary customer data easily from their smartphones.

  • A more refined lead generation process

Helpdesk platforms also make generating and processing leads a lot more efficient. Lead processing software creates a well-organized sales funnel, which channels all your incoming leads from multiple sources – like your company’s website, social media platforms, and email and telephone inquiries – onto a single platform.

Your leads are segmented into hot, warm or cold category, depending on the level of interest. Your sales personnel can now focus on the hot and warm leads and won’t have to waste valuable time and resources on the cold ones. The cold leads will be stored in the database and can be engaged at a later time.

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