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The less your customers need you, the better you can help them!

When you’re talking about self-service, you will find that many businesses have an FAQ page and community forum, but seldom will you find these forums or pages well-maintained. This goes on to say a lot about the state of self-service as it exists.

Although a lot of businesses provide a wide range of support channels for their customers, not all customers want to interact with a customer support agent to get their issues resolved. Such customers instead expect a self-service option from the business so that they can avoid waiting times and directly jump into the problem themselves.

Let’s look at the different facets of self-support channels and their importance.

Enable quick-access to information with FAQs
Any FAQs that you publish on your website should be complemented with category tags to make them easily search-able to your customers. The charm of an FAQ page lies in the fact that although it appears to be a simple Q&A, all frequently occurring problems can be reviewed and solved by your customers by themselves.

For starters, you can upload tutorials in different formats such as text, image, video or graphic. You can also redirect users to reference articles and link to in-depth query resolution, explaining the source of the issue and provide a clear solution.

A simple indexed FAQ database allows your business to have a systematic approach to self-service that your customers will be delighted to use.

Allow downloading of support files and documents
An often overlooked facet of self-support is allowing your customers to download the relevant user manuals and white papers. This is an exceptional way of providing them with an elaborate knowledge base to educate themselves about a product or service, and acts as a substantial means of self-support.

This will allow your customers to answer questions they didn’t even know they had. The more familiar they are with your product or service, the smoother their journey will be with your business.

Deliver community forums to let customers engage organically
An active forum enables and encourages your customers to communicate with each other. This leads to a natural build on the existing knowledge.

It is, however, important to ensure that your community forums have constant involvement from the concerned departments. This not only guides the conversation but also directs the community towards the path of best resolution.

Social media is your best bet at becoming a people’s brand
Social media is something of a middle ground when it comes to self-help. Many of your customers will turn to social media to find the answers to their questions. The nature of a social media forum is similar in nature to that of the aforementioned forums.

The only benefit here is that social media sharing on the self-service channels will enable your pool of active customers to find the right solutions to their issues.

So, in conclusion, the entire self-service channel that you are implementing (if you have not already) has to be accessible, and should enable your clients to have access to the best possible answers. Astutely design your FAQ page depending on the product or service you are pitching and from there, you will find your customers helping themselves!

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