Multi-Channel Customer Support

Because your reach is wider

The unison of all your communication channels in one place!

Kapdesk’s multi-channel customer support integration allows you to focus on the conversations that you have with your customers, helping you provide exceptional customer service through each and every customer support channel.


Email Support


Integrate multiple accounts with Kapdesk and take your email support to the next level, making your day much more productive.

Have a unique mailer ID for customer email support at your disposal
Instantaneously turn customer emails into different tickets
View the entire thread of mails pertaining to a particular issue under one ticket
Sort emails on the basis of different categories and view the status of each email

Phone Support

Old, but not obsolete!

Phone support continues to be one of the primary mediums of getting in touch with businesses for many customers across the globe. By using Kapdesk, you can:

Integrate your calls by setting a cloud-based telephonic number
Take, record and easily track calls with an easy-to-use customer phone support
Real-time call recordings allow you to measure your phone support agent’s productivity

Live Chat Support

Be live where it matters!

Live chat support can be as exciting as watching a live football match, believe us. Engage your customers directly on the website and assist them with their queries.

An integrated live chat support solution that allows you to add a chat box anywhere you want
Have real-time conversations with your customers and engage with them proactively
Follow up on those important conversations as they are converted into tickets, making sure that none of your chats ever get lost
With efficient customer chat support, you can provide assistance that provides results in the form of increased conversion rates

Social Media Support


From Facebook to Twitter, conversations fetched over social channels are redirected to your Kapdesk inbox, making it easier for you to engage with your customers on different social media platforms.

Efficiently manage customer feedback and reviews through social media support
View and respond to tweets, posts and messages from Kapdesk
Positive feedback should not wait too long for a thank you. Let Kapdesk take care of your social media customer support
multichannel Social
Kapdesk can add value to your business. Let us tell you how.
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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your customer service
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Leverage customer service platform with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Kapdesk Help Center you can create a knowledge database, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of moments. Kapdesk streamlines your support infrastructure with real time features like ticket views, prompters and necessary automations. This helps you deliver better customer service and relevant, to the point conversations.
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